passive UHF RFID hardware
2.4G RFID Reader
2.4GHz Long Range Active Card For School Attendance System
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2.4Ghz Active RFID Tag for Assets Control

1.Suitable to adopt fixed frequency working mode, with powerful anti-inteference ability.

2.Effective reading range up to 80m (depend on reader and antenna software configurable).

3.Ultra-low power consumption average working current< 10UA

4.Active tag, very important part of a RFID system, especially for people tracking and assets management etc


  1. Access control,  attendance control,  identification,  logistic, industrial automation,
  2. skating, tickets, casino token,  membership, public transportation, e-payment, animal tracking,
  3. multi-purpose-card system, catering, swimming pool, laundry, massage center, recreation center.

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