Production Line Management

Production line management

In order to produce better quality products, while reducing production costs and meeting the requirements of ISO 9000, manufacturers are more closely track product information and control process, which requires manufacturers to implement RFID.

RFID is at the heart of the manufacturing process. By gradually adopting RFID technology at the shop floor, manufacturers can capture information captured directly from RFID and link to existing, validated and industrially enhanced control system infrastructure, coordinate with the supply chain that configures RFID functionality. Delivering accurate, reliable real-time information flows, creating added value, increasing productivity, and dramatically reducing investment, without the need to update existing Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and manufacturing information systems (MIS).

System Features:

Because of RFID technology non-visual reading and multi-tag reading the logistics data at the same time, making system statistical data convenient, timely, accurate, and effective enhance the efficiency of production processes to achieve enterprise cost control management, product logistics monitoring & management of transport and "supply - production – logistics’ integrated optimization management.

Supply process management: system achieves’ procurement control, order matching, supply cycle control, quality tracking, commissioned processing control, in transit cargo tracking function;

Production process management: including material cost control, production statistics, piece counting. According to user needs, RFID technology can achieve production line equipment components monitoring and management at the same time.

Logistics management: Including the distribution of ordered products, multi-library collaborative operations, warehouse receipt, offer operations, first-in first out, out of stock alarm, slow-moving product statistics and so on.

Product advantages:

1. The split-type multi-channel reader, up to 32 channels, greatly reduces the enterprise production line automation upgrade hardware costs;

2. Such as JT-6230 (near field reader), surrounded by all-metal enclosure design, can greatly regulate the read area and ensure that there will not be wrong reading, chaotic reading phenomenon;

3. Industrial-grade product design, can adapt to different working environments.

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