UHF RFID Handheld Reader

Handheld Reader

30meter UHF RFID Handheld Reader Ultra Long Reading Distance

30meter UHF RFID Handheld Reader Ultra Long Reading Distance

JT-973  Industrial&humanized keypad design and tough 5.5 inch
Gorilla Glass 3 touch screen together with high resolution of
720*1440 display shall match high standards in logistics, express and retail.

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RFID handheld Readers
Andorid 9.0 UHF Smart RFID Handheld Terminal Reader

terminal. It has the leading complete system configuration and adapt to complex usage scenarios. High-sensitivity, low-power longer distances.

UHF RFID reader handheld
Long Distance UHF RFID Gun Reader For Asset management

JT-972  device is an Android rugged mobile computer. It features powerful processor, 8000mAh battery and superb UHF RFID capability. It can be equipped with R2000 linearly or circularly polarized antenna. That it can read tags in bulk from long distance enables it to be deployed in asset management, retail, warehousing, fleet management and etc.

UHF RFID reader handheld
Long reading distance Buletooth Handheld UHF RFID Reader and Writer

JT-982 Buletooth Handheld UHF RFID Swing Reader is a newly-developed handheld data collection device with stylish design and incredible performance. It delivers superior UHF reading and writing, barcode scanning, transmits data to the data center via Bluetooth with ease. It can complete tasks in inventory management, asset management, and inspection etc.

UHF RFID reader handheld
Android 9.0 / 11.0 UHF RFID Handheld Reader

JT-966 is a newly-developed rugged handheld computer with large screen and strong extensibility. Based on Android 9.0 / 11.0 OS, it is equipped with Qualcomm octa-core processor for high-speed processing. With 5.5-inch highdefinition display, it is integrated with barcode scanning, NFC and other functions. The data collection device supports quick charge and UHF sled for good extensibility, besides, device with Android 11.0 OS offers different optional functions such as built-in UHF, fingerprint recognition and volume measurement that can meet the needs in logistics, warehouse, manufacturing, retail, asset tracking, power patrol inspection,etc.

UHF RFID reader handheld
5.1inch UHF RFID Gun Reader UHF +NFC + QR/Barcode

JT-971 is a industrial-grade rugged mobile computer with high extensibility.Bulit with Android 8.1/11.0OS and Octa-Core Precessor.It supports abundant optional functions ,including barcoding ,NFC ,HF,UHF etc The excellent performance makes 971 ideally deployed in logistics,retail,warehousing ,healthcare,power,card,parking,charge,government projects to help user quickly achieve informatization management and improve operational efficiency.

RFID Marathon Mat Antenna
Sports timing UHF RFID Marathon Mat Antenna

JT-T12665 Mat antenna can connect with the UHF fixed reader,can be used at different kinds sports timing system, such as running race,bicycle race etc. For sports management: runway identification system, marathon start - end and so on. For access control intelligent management: personnel customs clearance management, items such as access. Outdoor all-weather work, anti-interference ability. High gain, read and write speed, read and write distance, high data security, easy to use and so on.

UHF RFID reader module
R2000 High Performance 4 Channel Module

R2000 reader module JT-918, as a high efficiency and low cost, UHF  tag  reading/writing  module,  has independent Intellectual Property Rights. It works under the frequency from 860MHz-868MHz or 902MHz-928MHz. With 8dBi antenna,reading range can be reached 10m or longer. It is easy and fast to build an RDID system with simple power supply and interface.

RFID On Metal Tag
860-960MHZ UHF RFID Tamper Proof Flexible Label On Metal Surface

The RFID Tamper Proof Label specially designed for tagging directly to Metal surface . Any attempt to ripor tamper the tag should result in disabling the functionality of the tag and thus maintain a unique one to one relationship between the tag and the metal products thereby preventing unauthorized tag removal and transfers. Tampering RFID label should result in following actions: Destroy Damage the Antenna Suitable for label printer printing, support LOGO or barcode

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