• Misako will use RFID software in 200 stores
    Misako will use RFID software in 200 stores
    • November 21, 2017

    Recently, there is news that Misako, a Spanish fashion retailer, will use RFID software solutions in more than 200 stores and distribution centers. By using RFID technology, Misako can increase inventory accuracy to 98%. The company said that a fully transparent inventory status is an important part of the corporate retail international growth strategy. By improving inventory accuracy, Misako improves the availability of items on the shelves, which can improve the replenishment process and increase the speed of online shopping, offline pick up orders. Jean François Thuilliez, Misako's deputy chief executive, said in a prepared statement: "Accurate inventory data will be of great help to our store operation and international expansion." The RFID solution is easy to use and has high scalability " In a prepared statement, Thuilliez said: "In the omni-channel world, we need to know the exact location of the product, and only in this way can we bring the physical store and network together." It is said that Misako will start marking the items at the time of manufacture. At the store, employees also use the handheld RFID reader to make weekly inventory counts and use the RFID technology application to see their status. The RFID system will send a reminder when the number of items in the ERP differs from the number of RFIDs. It has been no wonder that inventories using RFID technology have been implemented. Combined with RFID technology to realize more potential functions, it is necessary to further enhance the staff's work efficiency in the future.

  • [New release] desktop USB card reader JT-6210
    [New release] desktop USB card reader JT-6210
    • November 10, 2017

    Desktop USB card reader JT-6210 is designed to meet users in the background or management center for card management products designed. It has a high sensitivity, low operating current, single DC power supply, low price, high performance. This product can read card, write card, authorization, formatting and other operations. Product parameters: Physical Parameters: Size 142mm x 85mm x 20mm Weight 0.2kg Material ABS Antenna Built-in Performance parameters: Working frequency 902~928mhz or865~868mhz Supporting protocol EPC C1 GEN2   ISO18000 - 6C Radio power 0 - 17 dbm Reading range 0 - 60cm Writing range 0 - 10cm Communication interface USB Key board output support Power USB supply Environment Parameters: Working temperature - 20℃- 55℃ Store temperature - 20℃- 55℃ Application: Desktop USB card reader JT-6210 is widely used in a variety of RFID systems. The main applications are: 1, logistics and warehousing management: the flow of goods and storage management and mail, parcels, transport luggage, such as the flow management; 2, intelligent parking management: car park management and charging automation; 3, the production line management: the identification of the production process sentinel; 4, other areas: library management, attendance management, asset management systems.

  • Graphic--- The past and present of RFID technology and retailing
    Graphic--- The past and present of RFID technology and retailing
    • September 02, 2017

    Since the Internet came into people's lives, and great changes have taken place in people's lives. Continuous innovation is of course with high-tech.When putting forward to the high-tech, We will think the Internet, When talking about the internet,we will think about the Internet of things RFID technology. Today we'll talk about RFID technology to retail what changed? Perhaps you will ask why about the only retail, that's because this year's news in the retail industry, so we'll talk about this so popular retail RFID technology has changed?Perhaps you will ask why about the only retail, that's because this year's news in the retail industry, so we'll talk about this so popular retail RFID technology has changed? 1. From a consumer perspective, It saves queuing time for clearing, improving the consumer experience. 2.From a staff perspective, It reduce the time wasted on counting merchandise, improve work efficiency. 3. From the angle of opening hours, it extended operating hours, but an unmanned operating mode. 5. From a stock perspective, the staff can learn in real time inventory and merchandise store location, and consumers can know in advance of inventory to stimulate consumption. 5. From the security perspective, you can reduce the waste of resources, integrated label to functionality that you implement in an tag. Is a label to cover all the information you need

  • 'Temperature Sensor Tag' to Achieve Drug Cold Chain Supervision 'Double Guarantee'
    'Temperature Sensor Tag' to Achieve Drug Cold Chain Supervision 'Double Guarantee'
    • August 31, 2017

    In recent years, the domestic drug safety incidents frequently, drug electronic supervision and cause the heat of people. In March 2010, Shandong vaccine incident was exposed, because the vaccine in the cold chain transport and distribution links of the lack of regulation, resulting in untreated vaccines through illegal channels to 24 provinces and cities, illegal involving up to 570 million yuan. This event is the drug electronic supervision pushed to the cusp. "Temperature sensor tag" is for the cold chain of medicine "pain point", part of the cold chain transport equipment and monitoring equipment can be combined with the identification of the passive temperature sensitive electronic labels attached to the smallest package of the vaccine, And as a data collection point, the regulation from the ambient temperature to the object itself. In addition, the "temperature sensor tag" can also achieve real-time data communication, real-time acquisition, real-time warning, over-temperature alarm, the whole traceability purposes, to prevent data tampering, fraud and other events. According to the news, in recent years exposure of a series of vaccine problems, most of them are due to cold chain out of control, supervision out of control caused. At present, the monitoring mode of medicine cold chain market is mainly to monitor the ambient temperature, and it is difficult to establish effective connection between the monitoring point and the single object under test to form the supervision loophole. The "core" of the "temperature sensing tag" is a passive UHF RFID temperature sensor chip embedded in the tag, 3 mm long and 2 mm wide. It is in the field of intelligent identification function, but also a micro-wireless temperature sensor, with a lightweight, without battery, high precision and long-range temperature and so on. "Temperature sensor tag" can be attached to the surface of various objects, high-volume items for each single product for wireless, continuous, real-time temperature monitoring, applicable to cold chain logistics, power equipment safety monitoring, railway traffic safety , Human and animal body temperature monitoring, cultural and cultural collections, smart home appliances and other applications. "Temperature sensor electronic tag" is for the cold chain of medicine, "pain point" to achieve a part of the cold chain transport equipment and monitoring equipment combined. Cold chain regulation is based on passive temperature sensing electronic tags as a data collection point, the regulation from the ambient temperature to the object itself. This is to determine the single vaccine ID (identity identification number) at the same time, to achieve the temperature monitoring of the vaccine, to the medical cold chain on the 'double insurance'. In addition, the "temperature sensor electronic tag" can also real-time data communication, real-time acquisition, real-time warning, over-temperature alarm, the whole traceability purposes, to pr...

  • The Ninth Shenzhen Internet Exhibition in 2017, Jietong Invites you to Focus on the Innovation of RFID Equipment
    The Ninth Shenzhen Internet Exhibition in 2017, Jietong Invites you to Focus on the Innovation of RFID Equipment
    • August 25, 2017

    Today, 2017 (Ninth) Shenzhen international Internet fair was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. As the annual Internet industry event, the show will be held on August 16-18th International three-day event. With the rise of supermarket without worker, the sharing economy and mobile payment, Internet-related technology has also been widely promoted. As a new generation of information and communication technologies, Internet of things between man and man, man and matter, substance and information on Internet. Internet network layer, platform and Terminal layer, the application layer and create a system link, present a wide range of Internet of horizontal and vertical context of ecosystem development, industrial explosive growth of Internet of things just around the corner. Research shows that by 2020, the basic formation of internationally competitive Internet industry system, contains sense manufacturing, network transmission, intelligent information services, the overall scale of trillions of Yuan, proportion of intelligent information services has increased significantly. As the Internet of things RFID hardware equipment suppliers of the industry leader, the Jietong again appeared in the event. In the Internet environment, using intelligent hardware power companies efficient, low-cost data acquisition, processing has long been a research subject of Jietong science and technology in sustainable. In this event, Jietong technology carry UHF RFID read-write device, such as a full range of products and a variety of accessories to attend, for UHF reader/writer series devices make showing and explaining. In addition, at the end of last year, To be surprise, the Jietong won"national high-tech enterprise" certificate. This also shows that Jietong has been focused on UHF RFID read/write technology research and development.  a wealth of experience provide custom development services, been affirmed by our customers and the State agencies.In the exhibition, Jietong UHF reader technology will give you a device, RFID antennas, UHF RFID handheld Terminal, RFID tags and other products for all-round display feast, invite you to come to visit, communicate!

  • The Difference Between RFID Scanning Technology and Ordinary Bar Code Technology
    The Difference Between RFID Scanning Technology and Ordinary Bar Code Technology
    • August 24, 2017

    Shenzhen remote rfid reader manufacturers that the two also have a lot of the same place and different places, can be used to track the target body. In fact, the biggest difference is: bar code is a visual technology, the scanner must be under the control of manual work, can only receive a fixed range of bar code. And then the bar code is the optical signal, RFID is the electromagnetic signal, the same point: are fast and accurate to track the target object. Are printed with bar code, can be used for bar code recognition. The detailed differences are as bellow: 1. Scan quickly The RFID reader can simultaneously read and read multiple RFID tags, while the barcode can only have one barcode scanned at a time. 2. Small size and shape diversification RFID is not limited by the size and shape of the read information, so it is not necessary to match the fixed size and print quality of the paper for the purpose of reading accuracy. In addition, RFID tags are more portable and diversified in order to be used in different products. 3. Anti-pollution ability and durability The traditional barcode carrier is paper, so it is susceptible to contamination, but RFID is highly resistant to water, oil and chemicals. In addition, because the bar code is attached to the plastic bag or packaging cartons, it is particularly vulnerable to damage; RFID tag is the data stored in the chip, it can be free from fouling. 4. Reusable Today's bar code printing can not be changed after the change, RFID tags can be repeated to add, modify, delete the RFID tag stored in the data to facilitate the update of information. 5. Penetrating and barrier-free reading In the case of coverage, RFID can penetrate non-metallic or non-transparent materials such as paper, wood and plastic, and be able to communicate with each other. And the bar code scanner must be in close proximity and no objects blocked in order to be able to identify the bar code. 6. The memory capacity of the data is large One-dimensional bar code capacity is 50Bytes, two-dimensional bar code maximum capacity can be stored 2 to 3000 characters, RFID maximum capacity is the number of MegaBytes. With the development of memory carrier, data capacity has also been expanding trend. The amount of information required for future items will be increased, the volume can be expanded capacity. 7. Safety Because RFID is carrying electronic information, its data content can be password protected, so that its content is not easy to be forged and altered. In recent years, RFID because of its long-distance read, high storage capacity and other characteristics of high-profile. It can not only help a business to significantly improve the efficiency of goods, information management, but also allows sales companies and manufacturing enterprises to interconnect, so as to more accurately receive feedback, control demand information, optimize the entire supply chain.

  • The Application of RFID Technology ----Care for the elderly
    The Application of RFID Technology ----Care for the elderly
    • June 16, 2017

    With the increasingly mature of RFID technology, RFID technology applications are more and more, today we come to talk about RFID technology in the care of the elderly! What is the necessity of RFID technology in the application of old-age care?  With the development of science and technology, people's lives have undergone major changes. In the face of the increasingly large domestic groups, the elderly population growth caused by its clothing, food, housing, transportation, medical, spiritual consumption and other needs, nursing home safety management system reform is imperative   As the nursing home area is relatively wide, the service staff can not take into account the location of the elderly, the elderly safety problems brought a lot of difficulty. Because the elderly do not act as young as convenient, there are many security risks. At this time,  The necessity of RFID technology is to highlight on the application of old-age care.  RFID technology can be more effective solution and improve the old-age care problems. Germany: An elderly care center in New Wade, Germany, The RFID Device is equipped with a Wi-Fi real-time positioning system. The Elderly is equipped with Wi-Fi waterproof wristbands, which have two-color LED lights and call buttons, The alarm triggers the emergency switch, sends the pager to the staff, sends the alert and locates the guard object. The equipment and the application of the system effectively help the pension agencies to track and manage patients, thereby reducing the labor intensity of nurses, improve the efficiency of pension agencies. America:    US engineers combine RFID technology with robots and video technology. Load the camera at the top of the robot, and rely on the indoor mobility of the robot and the visibility of the camera to send the images to the child's mobile phone via the Internet to monitor the living conditions of the elderly. The current robot in addition to the monitoring function also has to pick up the elderly, support the elderly to walk their own, to help excretion, care of dementia patients function. Japan:   Japan will RFID technology and Internet docking, the elderly home care to carry out remote monitoring, such as the elderly in the toilet, the smart toilet can check the elderly urine, blood pressure, weight and fat, the measured data directly sent community health service center Of the elderly health files. Once the data is abnormal, it will immediately start the "telemedicine." Or the home of some of the elderly waist fitted with a wireless fall detector, as long as a fall, the machine will be issued "someone fell" voice prompts, and connected to the network service center, then the service center will quickly send to the elderly In view of the situation. What are the advantages of RFID technology in the application of old-age care? 1. personnel positioning, tracking function Managers at any time to master the activities of the old people informatio...

  • Cycle Shop Speeds Up Service With RFID Technology
    Cycle Shop Speeds Up Service With RFID Technology
    • June 12, 2017

    These day, I have seen a news about rfid technology. The news reported that ‘Bike Lane, one of the Houston area's busiest bicycle sales and repair businesses, is expanding a radio frequency identification-based solution to include repairs, as well as tracking the bikes to be sold. Since the company began using RFID technology to track its new bicycles in its back room in 2013, it has boosted sales and reduced labor related to employees searching for inventory, says Herb Beimgraben, Bike Lane's co-owner. The TracerPlus RFID technology is provided by Portable Technology Solutions’ The news show us that the rfid technology is popular among different industry. It is very convenient for factory to make a inventory in the warehouse. Meanwhile, you also improve the working effectiveness. For example: our company have many customer want to manage the out/in of warehouse.  They will install the reader on the door. Some customer will use our UHF handheld reader to make a inventory on warehouse: Different industry can use opted for a TracerPlus system consisting of RFID tags, a handheld reader and an app to store the collected read data. With the TracerPlus RFID Tag Locator solution, when each new product arrives in its box, store personnel apply an EPC ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) RFID tag with a unique ID number, then manually record that number on paper, along with the bike's details. "I think it's amazing how this technology has benefited us," which make us life convenient and more easy.

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