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860-960Mhz UHF Silicone RFID Laundry Tag
860-960Mhz UHF Silicone RFID Laundry Tag
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New product washable laundry tag clothing rfid tag

JT-5512 RFID silicone laundry tag, a highly durable UHF tag designed to be used in industrial laundry applications to withstand repeated washing and drying cycles in professional cleaning equipment. Being a small, flexible white strip, the tag can be easily embedded in clothing or linen and remain hidden to the user at everyday operations.

New product washable laundry tag clothing rfid tag

Product Description:

Product Feature:


JT-5512 flexible washing label, especially suitable for clothing and fabric washing, install it in the linen, can withstand 180 degrees high temperature resistant ironing, industrial washing more than 200 times.

Lable has passed consistency Test , and the EPC and User regional write test before Left factory,label has excellent reliability and performance consistency.


products specification:



EPC Class1 Gen2;ISO18000-6C

Operation frequency

902-928MHZ(US,compatible with Chinese standard)(Or customize)


Alien H3


EPC 96bit,User 512bit,Access Password 32bit


TID 96bit,TID unique ID in the world,can’t change

Read/write performance

Can read and write(Erase time:100,000times)

Data storage

10 years


1year or 200times washing


Flexible textile



Product type


Packing details





White(or customized)




Installation instruction:

1 label installation method

1)Method 1:Sew linen or dress directly

2)Method 2:Sew or install on cloth bag, and then sew the bag on linen;

Advantages: to achieve the life of washing linen,the bag can be cut down, and then installed in the new linen, such labels can be repeated in order to reduce the cost of using a single label;

Disadvantages: more time to install.

3)Method 3:the label iron on cloth directly(this way need to contact the label’s manufacturers  some types of washing label support for this installation, some types of washing label do not support the installation, in addition, to support this way, the ironing also has specific requirements, please contact the label’s manufacturer in advance).


2 label installation location selection

1) for the application of personnel management, label preferred installed on the shoulder and arm;

2) For application of hotel linen, label preferred installed in the corner, and not easy to be the user's attention area;

3) For application of cloth production control, label preferred installed on the edge (if it is to wash denim management, need to contact label’s manufacturer sales staff related products and performance consulting).


3 Polarization direction of labels:

1) when the antenna is a standard circular polarized, the polarization matching of the tag and the reader antenna can not be considered when the tag is installed;

2) when the antenna is linear polarization, the polarization direction of the tag must be consistent with the polarization direction of the reader antenna, otherwise it will not be able to read and write or read and write performance is very poor.


Product application:

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