Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

RFID technology is currently the field of supply chain to bring a huge change in order to identify the distance, fast, not easy to damage, large capacity and other bar code can not match the advantages of simplifying complex work processes, improve supply chain efficiency and transparency.

RFID warehouse management system is in the existing warehouse management in the introduction of RFID technology, warehouse arrival inspection, storage, a library, transfer, transfer library shift, inventory and other operational aspects of the data for automated data collection, guarantee Warehouse management of all aspects of data input speed and accuracy to ensure that enterprises timely and accurate grasp of the real inventory data, reasonable to maintain and control corporate inventory.

Through scientific coding, but also easy to batch of items, shelf life, etc. to manage. The use of the system location management capabilities, but also to grasp all the current inventory of goods where the current position is conducive to improving production efficiency and reduce operating costs for enterprises is essential.

System Features

The system automatically changes the status of the storage and delivery operations, without human intervention, real-time updates to ensure that enterprises timely and accurate inventory of real data,

Remote reading and writing makes inventory, find the goods faster, more efficient;

Fully automated to bring more precise and optimal management, automatic alarm can be achieved, automatic management of goods batches, shelf life, give priority to a longer storage period of the product out of the library and other intelligent features;

Warehousing management of the fully automated, intelligent, real-time data update, making more collaborative management for the library more efficient and accurate;

Supply chain management, warehousing logistics management, channel sales management, product security to the integration of RFID technology, the implementation of orders, supply cycle, quality, processing, logistics, warehousing, sales, anti-counterfeiting and other enterprises operating the whole process integration Control, real-time, efficient, high precision, faster response time, lower error rate, lower inventory, drive enterprise experience management level of comprehensive promotion.

Product Solutions

In each group of goods on the package box or tray affixed with RFID tags in the label to write the good’s name, specifications and other specific information, storage location and other related information; also in the goods out of the warehouse to write the details of the delivery side Information, in the warehouse and distribution channels set up RFID reader, automatic identification, detection of goods circulation. (In all aspects of the supply chain, including the procurement, storage, manufacturing, packaging, handling, transportation, distribution processing, distribution, sales and service business processes and processes, electronic tags can be the most basic information carrier role. )

Automated management of inventory, because of UHF RFID with long-range read and write, multi-tag read and write, high-mobility read and write and other characteristics of the system out of the goods, storage through the installation at the gate of the RFID reading and writing equipment to automatically identify records of goods access Library information; system location management capabilities can help you keep abreast of all inventory when the location. The library of the arrival of his inspection, storage, a library, transfer, transfer library shift, inventory and other operational aspects of the data for automated data collection to ensure that all aspects of warehouse management data collection speed and accuracy to ensure that enterprises in a timely manner Accurate grasp of the real data inventory.

Intelligent management for the deposit, the scientific code, the batch of goods, shelf-life, intelligent management, automatic arrangement of goods first-out, wall-free goods inventory period is too long; at the same time can automatically detect statistical goods out of stock, Poor sales and other conditions.

The perfect of more inventory & collaborative management.

Can be different types, distributed in different regions to faster and more accurate management multiple warehouses, real-time monitoring of the various warehouses of inventory, Automatic or semi-automatic arrangements for transfer cargo, Supplementary and Delivery goods.

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