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With the rapid development of China's economy, people's living standards are increasing; the total ownership of the car also began to grow rapidly. At present, the problems in vehicle management are mainly the cumbersome and complicated registration procedures, low efficiency, small circulation, labor intensity of manual verification, and poor service. The existing vehicle access management system features complex, targeted poor, resulting in small demand for large systems, and user investment is big, while the effect is poor.

RFID intelligent vehicle management system is integrated with RFID technology, computer management technology and automation control in one of the modern vehicle intelligent management system, the system can meet the modern vehicle management requirements about information, automation and intelligent. System architecture is shown as below.

The system communicates with the RFID Reader through the PC, reads the information of the vehicle RFID card (RFID tag), and then verifies the legal identity of the vehicle.

>> System Features

1. To achieve vehicle passed quickly;

2. Improve service quality;

3. High adaptability and safety;

4. Functional and practical, easy to operate and reduce costs;

5. Automatic barrier, easy access;

6. Make reader encrypted and then authorized the tags, which will more secure; anti-borrow card and copy card.

>> Product Advantages

1. 6000 V high-voltage industrial lightning protection;

2. The arctic areas can add low temperature treatment;

3. Can be customized WIFI, RJ45, RS485, GPRS and other different means of communication;

4. Production recommend: JT-8280 Middle range RFID reader  or JT-8290 long range UHF RFID reader


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